There are many cameras available, how do you know which is the best pocket camera for you? This site will allow you to make an informed decision on which pocket camera is best for you. We will highlight the best pocket cameras available and provide you with as much information as possible on each camera so you can compare them and make a final decision on which camera to purchase. Many of the major camera manufacturers have their own version of pocket cameras including:

Creative Labs Vado HD Pocket Camera

Creative Labs Vado


General Electric DV1

Sony Bloggie

Sony Bloggie

 Kodak Playfull

Kodak Playfull

 Kodak Playsport

Kodak Playsport

 Kodak Playtouch

Kodak Playtouch



Why Buy The Best Pocket Camera?

Multimedia phones allow you to capture images and videos at a moment’s notice, it can be a very handy feature. But the amount of features available in multimedia phones are severely limited.  Low resolution images and videos,  low amounts of storage space, and basic lenses are just some of the limitations of multimedia phones. A pocket camera can solve all of these issues and full-featured pocket camera have emerged to create a market category of their own. Incorporating high resolution images and videos, adequate storage space and HD lenses in the same small package as the multimedia phone, the pocket camera does not have the bulk and heaviness limitations of the standard home camcorder.

What Can You Do With The Best Pocket Camera?

With a pocket camera, you can quickly shoot and upload your images and videos to your computer in High Definition (HD). The software needed to upload and playback your images and video comes loaded on the pocket camera so you can share your works of art from any computer. Their compact design, ease of use and low prices make a pocket camera a must-have accessory. Most pocket cameras can easily fit into any pocket or purse for maximum portability so they are always available when needed.

What To Look For In The Best Pocket Camera

The best pocket camera is small in size and designed for use by the average user. There are a number of items to keep in mind when comparing pocket cameras. Below is a list of items to use when evaluating your next pocket camera:


You want a pocket camera with at least 720p resolution which is the minimum standard for high definition. Better yet, look for 1080p resolution if it is available.


Many pocket camera will take still images as well as video. Look for a high megapixel resolution with a good digital or optical zoom. Some of the more advanced pocket camera will also include image stabilization and a built-in flash.


If you are going to be shooting high definition video, you will need a lot of memory. Check the pocket camera’s specifications as to the amount of video that can be stored. Many pocket cameras will have a small amount of internal memory but include a SD card slot so you can add additional memory based on your needs.


It is important to compare the estimated battery life and type of battery included. Obviously, the longer the battery life, the more time you can spend shooting video instead of charging batteries. But you also have to look at the type of battery. Some pocket camera have internal batteries that must be recharged with the camera so you have to wait for the battery to charge before you can begin using the camera. External  batteries will allow you to carry spares and swap out dead batteries so you can keep shooting and not miss any special moments.


You will need a USB port to connect to your computer so you can transfer your images and videos from your pocket camera to your computer. You should also look for a HDMI port so you can connect your pocket camera to your TV and view your images and videos directly from the camera.

Ease of Use

How easy is the pocket camera to use? One of the biggest benefits of a pocket camera is point, shoot, upload and view your images and videos quickly and easily. There should not be any problems uploading or viewing your images and videos on your computer.


Finding help on how to use your pocket camera is essential. Most manufacturers have a website that explains the essentials needed to use your pocket camera.


Most manufacturers offer at least a one year warranty on pocket cameras. Be wary of camera with 30 or 60 day warranties, they are often cheaper but made of inferior materials that won’t last long.

So compare the many pocket cameras available and find the best pocket camera for you!


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